Coach Katrina

Achieving good health and fitness doesn’t happen overnight. Similarly, it doesn’t happen without a steadfast commitment to healthy eating and regular exercise. Thankfully, good health and wellness is possible with the right guidance and support. 
As a certified health coach, personal trainer, and owner of MixFit, I enjoy helping members improve their health, fitness, and well-being in a fun, friendly and focused environment.   
Like many of our members, I understand the struggle of today’s busy lifestyle. I’m a working mother of six with more than two decades of experience navigating the challenges that come with balancing family, work, and wellness. 

While I make meal planning and exercise a priority, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, there was a time when I fed my family whatever was quick and easy at the end of the day. All that changed in 2003, when one of my twin daughters was born with gastrointestinal issues. Determined to help her in every way possible, I went back to school to study nutrition. That charted a new course for me, both personally and professionally.
As I began incorporating what I was learning about the virtues of eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods and staying active, I quickly discovered that the benefits extend far beyond physical health. Countless clinical studies and my own personal experience show that eating well and exercising regularly can also greatly improve our mental health and overall quality of life.

After over a decade of living by the principles of good nutrition and exercise, I discovered a passion for teaching and training others. I once again returned to the classroom, becoming a certified personal trainer from the American Council on Exercise in 2013. 
As a coach and trainer at MixFit, I encourage members to make meaningful changes in their daily diet and exercise routines aimed at improving their health and well-being. I freely share my knowledge of food and nutrition, and I’m often quoted as saying, “If it didn’t have a mother or come out of the ground, then you shouldn’t eat it.” 

Dispelling the myth that ‘those who can’t do teach’, I do my best to lead by example and participate in the MIXFIT workouts daily. Our members inspire me every day to practice what I preach and remind me that we are never too old to make positive changes in our lives. WE CAN GET STRONGER every day!

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
PN Exercise Nutrition Certified
CPR/ First Aid
BS Science

Coach Bob

After more than 30 years of yo-yo diets and ineffective exercise programs, I discovered what has always been true; The secret to health and fitness success is good nutrition and a consistent exercise. As a middle-aged man, I speak from experience when I say that maintaining our health, fitness as we age requires constant effort, energy, and dedication. 
Beyond daily strength and endurance training, my personal exercise routine includes long-distance and trail running, hiking, taking part in fitness events like mud runs and obstacle races, and incorporating yoga from time to time. My commitment to exercise is matched by my focus on healthy nutrition. I subscribe to a predominately paleo diet of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and nuts with little as little sugars, starch and dairy as possible. 
Like you, I’m not immune to the health hazards of my genetics. I’m a two-time cancer survivor. I attribute my ability to beat cancer – twice – and maintain an active lifestyle to my unwavering commitment to exercise and healthy eating. In fact, my personal health history is what led me to become a fitness coach. 
My coaching background includes training in a boot camp-like environment. More specifically, I have years of experience designing and leading timed circuit-training routines that move participants from station to station with the goal of increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility. 
As an owner and coach at MixFit, I continue to develop workout routines that help members increase muscle mass and strength, foster greater flexibility and agility, and improve endurance.

Coach Amanda

Amanda Berlin comes to MIXFIT with a wealth of personal training knowledge and experience from years of training at Mountainside and Underground Fitness. She holds a PTC from NASM and an exercise science degree from SETTS.
“I have been in love with fitness since I was a little girl at the age of 6 starting with T-Ball. After my third child, I decided to focus on my health and get back into shape. I competed in 2 NPC competitions which were both challenging and rewarding. I now focus on balanced health and fitness. I believe that finding time for yourself and your health is very important, and a great example for your family.”

Substitute Coach Anthony

Coach Anthony is a graduate of the University of Arizona with degrees in Dance and Education. Anthony is a fitness and health enthusiast, who aside from coaching at MIXFIT from time to time, also teaches dance and fitness at multiple locations.


Crossfit L1
CPR/ First Aid