What is Flexion vs. Extension Intolerance, and how will knowing that help me?

Those were my questions when I first heard about Flexion Vs. Extension training.  I have recently had the pleasure of meeting an incredible woman named Cindy Feltman-Angulo. Cindy, along with an impressive team of personal trainers, have developed a program to train people more efficiently based on the two most common types of body dominance. The first being Anterior chain (front) dominant or Flexion intolerant and the second being posterior chain (back) dominant or Extension intolerant.

This concept is not entirely new, as it has been used in the physical therapy world for years to correct back injuries. However, until recently it has never been implemented into the personal training and exercise world, and the preliminary results and future implications are very exciting!

Training to each of our in tolerances by activating our core properly while exercising, allows our muscles to fully engage with far less possibility of injuries and better results. I have personally trained with Cindy and used the AHA belt and I have to say the combination of training techniques and improved core activation made a world of difference for me! I felt so much less strain on my back and neck, and much better isolation of the targeted muscles while doing many traditional exercises. All of our trainers at Mixfit Phoenix are very excited to learn more about the FlexEx solution program and look forward to helping our clients get better results with these great new techniques!

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