MIXFIT Phoenix is a one-of-a-kind, privately owned and operated fitness studio in North Phoenix. Founded in 2015 with one goal: to create a fun, welcoming fitness community, where anyone can get healthy and fit at an affordable price. MIXFIT offers small group, coach-led training sessions six days a week, in a variety of exercise styles. We try to mix it up to keep it fun. All we ask is that you show up and don’t quit.

Personal training and nutrition coaching, including meal planning assistance, is also available. Come and try out a class for free and experience the MIXFIT difference.


MIXFIT Phoenix
1903 W. Parkside Ln
Phoenix, AZ 85027



Katrina Profile Picture

I’m Katrina Uzzanti, but my clients call me Coach Kat. After 25 years, I consider Phoenix my hometown. I was born in Japan and have lived all over the world, so I wouldn’t say I have a traditional hometown.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than a decade. My fitness career started when I was living in Maui. I was working with children and that eventually morphed into being a gym owner in Phoenix, Arizona. I opened MIXFIT Phoenix in 2015, bringing to my clients a broad mix of personal training styles and principles along with an educational background in nutrition. I hold various certifications in nutrition coaching and personal training.

As a coach, I prefer to focus on functional fitness, well-being, and longevity. I believe that exercise is the single most important thing we can do for our health.

As a wife, mother of 6 children and business owner, I understand the value of time away from the everyday and sometimes overwhelming demands of life. I strive to help my clients have fun while getting healthy and fit in the most efficient and effective ways possible.




Over the last 10 years I have continually immersed myself in various fields of competitive sports so that I may not only learn different techniques that I could apply to my clients, but to challenge myself both mentally and physically.

I believe what makes a great coach is someone who not only loves what they teach, but fully understands what their clients will go through from start to finish in order for them to reach their fullest potential. By actively competing in the sports I love myself (bodybuilding & powerlifting) , and furthering my education, I have created many skills to help further my clients goals.

My area of expertise:

Bodybuilding Prep *All Divisions Pro/Npc
Posing Coach (except bikini) & Routines

I also really enjoy getting down and dirty and pushing myself and leading others in obstacle course events, endurance events (including 12-36 hour events) Ragnar Team Trail Running & Go-Ruck.

I offer 1-on-1 & 2-on-1 training. I specialize in physique transformation and strength training. Regardless of whether your goal is to step on a bodybuilding stage, compete at a Powerlifting meet, create the body you’ve always wanted, or to become a healthier and happier version of yourself… I can help!


Classic physique
National competitor

CPT-prep, off season, posing

Masters in kinesiology

I’ve spent the last 16 years learning about the fitness world. Through trial and error, observation of others and proper guidance I have become fluent in the language of fitness and nutrition. I have a deep respect and love for the fitness industry. The realm of fitness is my home and here I help people change what they want to change and what they never thought they could. You don’t believe in yourself? That’s ok I believe in you enough for both of us.

My areas of expertise:
Bodybuilding prep.
On and off-season.
Weight loss and body recomposition.

Outside of fitness I enjoy Movies, food(a lot), road trips, getting lost and spending time with my significant other.