Over the last 30 years of trying to figure out how to get into shape, lose body fat and be able to enjoy life as a fit person into the future, I realized I might not have the blend correct.  The blend of nutrition and exercise.  I have had lots of learnings to getting this right and helping others get it right as well.

Now, I’m not a doctor, professional nutritionist, or exercise physiologist.  I’m just a very experienced person with years of making mistakes, learning and working with many to get the combination correct.

This is why Katrina (my partner and one of the sharpest people I have ever met when it comes to nutrition and exercise physiology) have taken on this endeavor, using our experience and working with other professionals, by coaching others with known success patterns we have seen work.

We really want to go much deeper into guiding many areas of a healthier life and not from a ‘jar necked’ personal trainer mentality.  We are real people with kids and tough lives / choices in how much we can workout, how we feed our families and stay steadfast on our goals to be healthier.

Our goal is to continue working with many to get them to the next step and beyond in nutrition and exercise, but in a real world consideration.