I need to learn more.  I mean it’s fruit, right?  Well, to be blunt, a glass of good old OJ is like drinking a glass of Coke or Pepsi (and not the diet version).

I’ve been reading a book called Fat Chance (found on Amazon at http://amzn.com/0142180432) written by Robert H. Lustig M.D, a doctor whose primary focus is obese juveniles.   He contends fruit juice is like drinking pure soda as in Coke or Pepsi full sugar products.  But my parents fed me fruit juice as a healthy alternative to other drinks.  Apple, Orange, etc.  Wait and I have been feed it to my kids for years and myself for that matter.

Bottom line is the processing and blending of fruits removes all or most of the fiber in the fruit.  Once the fiber is gone, the sugar in the juice is processed just like any other sugary drink.  Eating the actual fruit leaves the sugar in the fiber of the fruit and your body will process it much differently energy from fiber.

I personally avoid any fruits in a liquid from unless I need absolute energy at that moment, like a very long mountain climb or major event which requires more energy that I have readily available.

So, eat the fruit and enjoy it, but leave it out of the blender unless you need the energy to feed your muscles during duration athletics..

I had to do a bit more research.  Here are a few links I found to consider: